Behind the Scenes

You know what I think is cool? My eye color. I’m sure some people will view that statement as self-centered, but I am of the belief that if people can go on and on about everything they don’t like about themselves, then I can talk about what I do like. But I digress. So my … Continue reading Behind the Scenes

Back Home Again in Indiana

Ah, to be back home! Although I firmly believe I could travel for the rest of my days and be perfectly happy, there’s just something sweet about sitting in your own home, on your own couch, listening to the familiar creaks of the floorboards upstairs, hearing the neighbor’s schnauzer bark his head off, and smelling … Continue reading Back Home Again in Indiana

A Change of Heart

Today was one of the best days I’ve had at work in a long time. When I told this to my mom, I had a hard time explaining just what made it so great, but as I thought about it, I quickly figured it out. Perspective. You see, when I get up on a workday … Continue reading A Change of Heart


Hi. I’m Shanyah. I’m guessing since you’ve found yourself here, we’re already friends. If not, I’m so glad to meet you. Thanks for dropping in. Those who know a little (or a lot) about me are probably thinking right now, “Why is this girl starting a blog? What does this nineteen-year-old college drop-out have to … Continue reading Beginnings