Hi, I’m Shanyah (the girl behind the words)!

Some basics about me: I’m a wanderer, an extroverted introvert, and a chronic daydreamer; stuck somewhere between where I’ve been and where I want to be. My heart is to draw closer to my Savior, become more like Him every day, and follow Him wherever He leads. His faithfulness is what sustains me, and if you read something here that makes any sort of sense, it’s probably all Him.

I am not a niche person, so this blog follows suit. I write what is on my heart. Sometimes you will find a random rambling about something obscure. Other times it’ll be an emotional heart dump about something I love. If real and raw, unfiltered, unedited mini rants are your cup of tea (or a train wreck that you can’t miss), stick around for a while!

It is my hope that through this page you will be encouraged to pursue your dreams while also giving yourself grace, that you will find in me a kindred spirit of “doesn’t have it all together”, and that you will join me in learning to delight in God’s faithfulness day after day.

Morning by morning.

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!